Vinturi Wine Aerator Video

Great video on how the vinturi works (this is pretty much how all Wine Aerators Work).

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Complete Wisp Wine Aerator System with Respirer, Flo Perfect Dripless Pouring Spout and Carry Bag

The Wisp Wine Aerator system is pretty cool. The claim is that it allows the true aroma, how it was intended from the wine maker, to come through instantly, without the wait.

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Information from the Manufacturer:

Wisp Complete Wine Aerator System – Wisp is a beautifully crafted simply-clean wine aerator system that instantly allows the true fragrance and flavor of wine to be enjoyed and savored, the way the vintners intended. Weve all heard the expression, let the wine breathe. Breathing lets the wine mix with air, releasing its natural flavor and aroma. To let a wine breathe, you have a choice such as decanting, which usually requires an hour or more to wait around, or aerating, which can take mere seconds. There are many wine aerators on the market today, each with their unique approach to aeration. Unfortunately there are two drawbacks to hand held aerators: maintaining a steady pour from the bottle and after being used, the aerator becomes a dripping mess. Today weve overcome these drawbacks with the first of its kind simply-clean Wisp wine aerator system Respirer uses tried and true fluid dynamic principles to efficiently mix air and wine at the desired rate. Ensuring the perfect exposure to air, weve embedded in each Respirer a unique Vortex Impedance Control (VIC) device that conditions the wine flow prior to aeration. Only the Respirer wine aerator incorporates this patent pending technology. Our second part of the pairing is the Flo Perfect, which enables the wine to pour from the bottle at the same rate as the aeration process. Overfilling the aerator bowl is a thing of the past when using the Flo Perfect. Flo Perfects most unique feature is that it acts as a nest in which to securely set your Respirer wine aerator immediately after use. This pairing prevents any unsightly drips from the aerator and eliminates any need for a messy drip tray. A first of its kind wine accessory designed for uses ranging from the serenity of your home to the bustling venue of a restaurant. The elegantly embroidered carrying pouch makes it easy to bring with you to a restaurant or a dinner party, enhancing the wine-drinking experience for you and your friends.

Buy the Wisp Wine Aerator At Amazon for $39.95 – Click Here

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Vinturi Wine Aerator

By Far the most popular of the Aerators are the Vinturi Wine Aerators. They were the first to market and very popular. I have had a great experience with it. In fact, I just opened a 2004 Brunello, and did the 3 way taste test; Poor directly into glass, Poor into decanter (1 hour wait), pour through the Vinturi Wine Aerator. The vinturi and traditional decanter were almost identical, which means it saves you about 1 hour wait time. Very important if you are at a restaurant :) Best place to buy them is at Amazon, here are some package links below:

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Wine Aerators, Decanters and More!! Let Your Wine Breath!!

I love wine. The problem that I found when getting good wine at a restaurant is that most of the time, it is not ready to drink on pour. Decanters are great, but they still take a long time.

This blog will be dedicated to talking about new wine enhancers, decanters, gifts, aerators, you name it!

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